Modern Services

At ARIXET, we offer a range of modern services that leverage advanced technologies and innovative approaches to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of power systems. Our services encompass protection coordination studies, on-site error measurement and calibration, and comprehensive studies on HV and EHV power systems. By combining expertise with cutting-edge tools, we provide practical solutions that empower the future of electrical infrastructure. Our modern services include:

3-1- Protection Coordination Study and Relay Setting

At ARIXET, we are equipped with a specialized software solution developed in-house for the coordination and setting of protective relays. Our software utilizes artificial intelligence techniques to automate the process of protection coordination, minimizing time and optimizing performance without the need for manual intervention. Here’s how our software works:

  1. Simulation and Model Integration: We input the network simulation file along with the detailed models of the protective relays used in the network into our software.
  2. Network Matrix Formation: Our software constructs a network matrix based on the simulation file, incorporating all relevant parameters and system components.
  3. AI Algorithms: Leveraging our custom-designed algorithms, the software performs the coordination and setting of protective relays. It evaluates various factors, including fault conditions, system topology, and protective relay characteristics, to ensure effective coordination.
  4. Automated Report and Setting Files: Upon completion, the software generates a comprehensive report along with individual setting files for each relay model utilized in the network. These reports provide detailed insights into the coordinated protection scheme, ensuring optimal system reliability and coordination.


The entire process is executed within a remarkably short timeframe, thanks to the efficiency and automation of our software. With our specialized protection coordination study and relay setting services, you can rely on our expertise and cutting-edge technology to enhance the performance and coordination of your protection system, ultimately ensuring the reliable and secure operation of your power, industrial, and distribution systems.

3-2- On-Site Error Measurement and Calibration of Capacitor Voltage Transformers

At ARIXET, we have designed and developed an exceptionally precise device for the measurement and calibration of energy measurement systems in power substations. Our device incorporates a comprehensive mathematical model of the Capacitor Voltage Transformer (CVT) to ensure accurate readings, while also considering all potential error sources associated with energy measurement.

With our advanced device, we can eliminate measurement errors caused by various factors, enabling us to provide accurate calibration for CVTs. This means that instead of replacing CVTs that have experienced decreased accuracy (resulting in measurement errors), we can utilize our highly precise device to calibrate them and restore their accuracy to within the standard range.

Our team of skilled technicians will visit your facility to perform on-site error measurement and calibration services for your CVTs. Through meticulous measurements and calibration procedures, we ensure the reliable performance of your CVTs and the precise measurement of voltage. By conducting calibration on-site, we minimize downtime and disruptions, allowing your power substation to operate smoothly while maintaining the integrity of your voltage measurement systems.

With our on-site error measurement and calibration services, you can trust that your CVTs will be accurately calibrated, providing reliable and precise voltage measurements for your power systems.

3-3- Comprehensive Studies on HV and EHV Power Systems

Our comprehensive studies focus on High Voltage (HV) and Extra High Voltage (EHV) power systems. We utilize both phasor-based and time-domain simulations and analyses to evaluate system behavior and performance. By considering various operating conditions and scenarios, we assess system stability, voltage regulation, fault response, and transient phenomena. Our studies provide valuable insights for system planning, operation, and optimization, enabling you to make informed decisions to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your HV and EHV power systems.

At ARIXET, we are committed to delivering modern services that harness the latest technologies and methodologies in the electrical industry. Our team of experts combines extensive knowledge with state-of-the-art tools to provide reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our modern services, you can enhance the performance, protection, and overall operation of your power systems, ultimately empowering the future of electrical infrastructure.

Empowering the Future
Supplying Essential Electrical Infrastructure Solutions

Empowering the Future
Supplying Essential Electrical Infrastructure Solutions